The Naked Balcony
Dubai incident that
becomes Internet meme
during round-the-world
tour of Vitaliy's Grechin
and 20 young girls
called now Butt Squad

NFT Auction Coundown

Performed by Vitaliy Grechin
Produced by Pavel Muntyan
Performed by Vitaliy Grechin
Produced by Pavel Muntyan



In April of 2021, a photograph of 20 nude models , taken spontaneously and innocuously on a Dubai skyscraper balcony, was posted on social media and quickly went viral, setting off a tsunami in the UAE, where such a thing is considered public debauchery and against the law.

Quickly dubbed the “Butt Squad” photoshoot, it led to multiple arrests and set off an international media frenzy, generating coverage across over 15,000 news agencies, websites, TV stations, and online platforms. An estimated 1 billion people have seen the controversial photo and followed news of the ensuing events.

Unknown to most, a 26-second video was shot moments before the Butt Squad models gathered for the now iconic photo. No one has seen this high-quality video, which clearly shows the immediate events leading up to the photoshoot. This video has been minted as an NFT Token and is being offered, along with a special 2-Day Event with the Butt Squad models, to the highest bidder.

Yes! This NFT is now available for auction as part of a 2-part lot. The auction is already guaranteed to draw audiences numbering in the hundreds of millions thanks to guaranteed press coverage during the 11-day auction.

This auction winner will receive:
• NFT token with the 26-second video. This video has never been published so has only been seen by the current owner. It will now be exclusively owned and viewable by the auction winner, who can use it, distribute it, or sell it as they see fit. This includes the ability to brand it, including, but not limited to, the placement of watermarks.

• 2-Day Event which will be dictated by the auction winner, within reason*. At least 15 of the Butt Squad models will be active and willing participants. This impactful event will be filmed and can include activities such as:
✓ Filming of a commercial or a photoshoot that can be used across all media
✓ Music video
✓ Talk show
✓ Public Service Announcement
✓ Press conference
✓ Game show

Any promotional campaign created from the content coming out of this 2-Day event will reach a large, attentive audience. Above and beyond any paid media that may be used to support it, the virality of the resulting content is sure to attract tens of millions of free impressions across multiple platforms.

* STRICTLY NO PORN. The filming may take place in any country of the EU, Mexico, Croatia, or Montenegro. Travel Expenses will be covered by the winner of the auction. Other countries may be considered. Final approval of the concept by the Butt Squad is required, and the Butt Squad reserves the right to turn down ideas, offers and scripts, having provided a reasonable explanation.

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